We prefer working with people who share our ideology of partnering customers, of not just offering strategic and advisory services but also living through implementation pains, mostly at client-site. As you may have seen in the rest of our website, our customers’ requirements are a complex muddle of domain-expertise skilling up, execution, leadership counselling, and team-work development at client organizations.

Over the years of our existence, while we’ve mostly had more demand than we can fulfil, our staffing has remained almost chronically lean. Reason? The skill-sets required to meet our client needs are unique; particularly in its lack of availability! Now add to this, those possessing this almost mythical skill-set are often wary of adapting to an SME/FMB environment, what with the apparent pricing & cultural complexities that SMEs & FMBs bring to the table.

And so, we continue in our quest for finding diverse senior management talent willing to work through this conundrum. For professionals who can lead projects independently in their specific functional areas and those who possess the ability to work in a collegium-like environment that our profession often demands.

If such a workplace interests you, drop us an email at opportunities@collabrant.in. You will hear from us within the week. A last note of caution, however. We have a preference for grey hair, even if all of us may not entirely qualify on that count!!!

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