Our Core Belief
If you ask us the learning-essence of our professions, working for some great (and some not so great situations within) companies, it is this: execution is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. We have seen several well thought-through plans fail because teams could not implement them. Equally, we have come across simple & clear ideas that worked wonders because of the sheer discipline that characterised their execution.  And this is as true for a small & medium family-run-enterprise, as it is for an entrepreneurial start up or the big, well established business.
Entrepreneurs running SMEs have the passion, determination and the yearning to succeed; yet while scaling up, they are often let down by their inability to put methods to the chaos that scaling up is characterized by. For the startup, while there is a lot of recent support from academia, particularly for ideas in the web-world, there are few real-world incubators who can help them steer the difficult waters that separate ideas from the market and organizational realities.
On the other hand, bigger firms often get bogged down in the body-politic of their organizations and lose the agility to move fast, and with it the entrepreneurial spirit required to kickstart critical projects or new lines of business with limited resources, just as smaller nimbler entrepreneurial firms start poaching into their market turf. Their bane: Method managers, who manage established systems well, but lack the entrepreneurial zing. These firms often get stuck with hyper-analysis but limited action.
Put simply, our beliefs center around keeping execution at the heart of strategy, through a tight alignment of internal-people and external-customers and partners through a well defined organizational process. All the while, keeping an eagle-eye on the business outcomes.
A last note: While a strategic roadmap is essential to start a journey, it is at the crossroads where strategy meets the real world, that you need some serious hand-holding. You can expect us to see things through, right from the formulation of a roadmap to the final mile execution, through all the road-bumps & traffic snarls. And while on this journey, we promise to keep the realities of your costs, culture & finances in mind…
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