Financial Advisory
Fund Raising and Mergers & Acquisitions
Collabrant is a boutique advisory firm providing support to growth stage companies and new age entrepreneurs in their funding process as well as sourcing and assisting in potential M & A opportunities. We strive to help firms and entrepreneurs realize their true potential by bringing a unique mix of perspective and experience to address our client's growth driven funding requirements as well as inorganic growth opportunities.
Fund Raising

For client's looking for external equity/debt to support their traction, scale and growth, we help you identify very appropriate investment partners. Working closely with the client's we identify the right kind of match where the investor would bring in like-minded support, apart from pure capital.

We have strong associations, either directly or through our partners, with HNI's, Venture Capital providers, Private Equity Investors and other institutional investors. Our team also supports companies to raise debt from banks and alternate debt financing institutions.

We provide the following services to help clients raise equity/debt:
  • Identifying the right time to raise equity and strategic advice on client's financing objectives
  • Project management & guidance through a fundraising process
  • Ascertaining quantum of capital needed.
  • Identifying right kind of investment partner - Strategic Investors, and/or Venture Investors
  • Get the business ready to attract external investment at various stages. Preparing for a financing-financial modelling & compilation of detailed information memorandum
  • Investor negotiations and the right valuation for the business.
  • Negotiations with due diligence providers and assistance with legal documentation
Mergers & Acquisitions

Having worked with clients across varied sectors, including number of privately held and family owned Indian companies, our experience and understanding of the intricacies in executing transactions or partnerships ensures that our clients get a fair deal.

We assist clients to achieve their strategic and valuation goals by effectively understanding key drivers of the transaction. Our solutions are uniquely tailored for companies based on whether they want to sell a stake to another firm or divest a non-core business or an asset. Our dedicated team, with in-depth industry and sector focused knowledge, conduct detailed analysis to provide valuable solutions and support through the transaction process.

This would involve
  • Pre-transactional planning and designing of M & A proposition to target buyer/seller including
    • Identifying the wish-lists and planned sacrifices to enable strategic negotiations.
    • Indemnifying key economic, operational, legal and fiduciary factors affecting ultimate M & A objectives.
  • Driving transactional processes including deal screening, deal sourcing, valuation, due diligence, negotiation, documentation and term-sheet
  • Assisting in strategic decisions relating to equity restructuring and voting rights, financing and purchase options, management control & compensation, and residual liabilities.
For further information contact Y Sriram atsriram@collabrant.inor A P Srivatsan
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